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Chloe Daynes

Business Manager

About me

Wife of Zac, everyone knows who the real boss of Arcadia is. Managing the business and operations, in addition to making sure Zac leaves the house wearing a clean, ironed shirt, there isn’t much that gets past Chloe. As the guiding voice of reason in our business Chloe understands our clients and tenants needs better than anyone else.

With the vision for Arcadia set by our collective determination to be different from the general service offering in the industry, Chloe has been integral to creating the action plans that take us there. With years of experience in property management, business development and as a former teacher, Chloe has well honed foresight and a keen eye for detail.

The kind of person who can never sit still and is rarely quiet, once she gets an idea there is not much stopping her. Chloe is a people-person, channeling her energy and compassion to create a cohesive team focused on fostering excellent relationships with property sellers, buyers, investors, tenants and the wider community.