Welcome to Arcadia


Here at Arcadia we recognise that renting is a thorough and involved process. This guide is designed to ensure that your tenancy is simple and easy. We have included all relevant information and resources we feel are necessary to ensure you have the best experience possible with our agency. If you need further assistance at any point during your tenancy don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’re here to help. 






Contacting Our Agency


Phone: 07 3556 8006

Email: [email protected]


Maintenance: 0476 072 590  - Hamish Strachan

Contactable within reasonable hours, see Maintenance Guide enclosed

Entry Condition Report


The Entry Condition Report is an essential component of our adherence to Residential Tenancy Legislation. 




An Entry Condition Report is completed by both the agency and the tenant as an agreement of the state of the property at the commencement of the tenancy agreement. It is an important document that forms the basis for the agreed condition of the property which will be reviewed when it's time to vacate and will inform discussions around bond refund at the end of the tenancy agreement.




You will be issued with a copy of the Entry Condition Report at the Handover Appointment where you will also receive other important property information. Our agency will inspect the vacant property and complete our portion of the Entry Condition Report which will be provided to you to review and complete. This allows both parties to agree on the state of the property upon entry and the condition it should be left in at the end of your tenancy agreement. 




You will receive a copy of this report prior to taking up occupation of the property. You are required by tenancy law to return the completed and signed Entry Condition Report to our agency within 3 days of your Tenancy Agreement commencing. If the report is not returned to our office within the required timeframe, the report conducted by the agency will be used.





Property Inspections


As part of our management responsibilities to our landlords, our agency conducts regular property maintenance inspections & routine inspections. 




We conduct these inspections primarily to report back to our landlords the condition of their property. Inspections also offer the tenants an opportunity to discuss any non-urgent issues they have with the property and its fixtures. They are conducted regularly to allow us to actively track the condition of the property and any ongoing maintenance issues that may arise.




We will combine written descriptions and evaluations of the state of the property along with photographs. Balancing your privacy with our requirement to communicate important information to the landlord is our highest priority. We use secure, online portals which keep photos of your residence private between our agency and the landlord.




Our agency conducts inspections every 3 - 4 months. A specific date and a two-hour timeframe is provided to you via an RTA Form 9 Entry Notice. Your presence at the inspection is welcome, but not necessary, as the staff member conducting the inspection can use our agency key set to gain entry.




Floor Coverings
Doors and Locks including Front and Rear
Ceiling / and Fans if applicable
Smoke Alarms if applicable
Light Fittings
Power Points
Built in cupboards – shelving and rails
Curtains, blinds
Whitegoods if included in tenancy
Fixtures eg oven, hotplates
Hot water system
Furniture if included in tenancy
All wet areas – taps, pipes below sink & basins

Garage / carport
Gardens and lawns
Guttering and downpipes
Steps – structure and paint
Balcony and decks
Stumps, if applicable
Driveway, paths, courtyard
Clothes Line
Pool / spa, if applicable
Safety Switch
External Light Fittings


Whilst it is not our duty to advise tenants on general internal or external housekeeping, it is our agency's obligation to inform tenants if they are not adhering to the responsibilities of the Tenancy Agreement. Appropriate maintenance and use of the property by tenants is important to avoid permanent damage. Following an inspection, a landlord may request that feedback be sent to tenants on the general upkeep of the property if it has fallen into disrepair likely to result in permanent damage. Our agency would prefer to be proactive and realistic in our services to both landlords and tenants, and will carry out this feedback and follow-up process according to the guidelines set out in tenancy legislation.



Inspection Notices


Our agency will issue notices for inspections via email. In some cases, this is not preferable and we will deliver directly into letterboxes at the property. We adhere to all minimum notice periods as required by legislation. 



Keys/Lock Out Procedure


Tenants are not to change any of the locks at the premises without prior permission from our agency. Should a tenant lose their keys, a $10 charge will be incurred per replacement key.
Should a tenant be locked out, the associated charges to gain entry are the tenant’s responsibility.


Please note: Our agency is not obliged to attend the property to regain entry. Within business hours, keys can be made available to assist, however in some situations ie. after hours you will need to organise a locksmith to attend. 



Rental Payments


Rent is due in advance. Best practice is to pay regularly, whether this is weekly or fortnightly, before the due date.


In order to ensure your rent arrives in time, it is good practice to set up your payment to leave your bank account a few days prior (e.g. transfer on Monday to ensure payment arrives in time for Thursday). It is important to remember this as any payments made after this day will cause you to fall into arrears. Our agency recommends tenants pay one or two weeks in advance to allow a comfortable buffer, protecting against accidental missed payments or other unexpected expenses.


Please pay into our trust account with your unique reference.

If you are paying in cash at the bank please use your mobile number as your reference.

We accept the following methods of paying rent:


                        • - EFT Transfer to Trust Account
                        • - Cash Deposit at any ANZ branch
                        • - Direct Debit


Arcadia Estate Agency Trust Account

BSB: 014 202

ACC: 151 767 938



Arrears Procedure


If you happen to fall into arrears or know that you will be unable to make a rental payment, please contact the office to discuss your situation.


Our agency understands that on occasion, unforeseen circumstances may result in delayed rental payments. It is important we advise you of the process involved in managing rental arrears. While we endeavour to accommodate any extraordinary situations resulting in late rental payments, there is a strict arrears management procedure that will be maintained, regardless of the reason. 


Day 3

Text - this will be a friendly reminder that your rent has not yet been received, please pay immediately.

Day 5

Text & Email - Your rent has still not been received. Please attend to this immediately to ensure you do not receive a Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach.

Day 7

Text, Email and Call - Your rent has still not been received. If not paid by today, you will be issued with a Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach tomorrow. Please pay and send confirmation of your payment to avoid breach.

Day 8

Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach issued giving you 7 days to rectify the rental arrears, in addition to any rent due in the breach period.

Day 15

Form 12 Notice to Leave issued giving you 7 days to vacate the property and finalise all rental arrears.



Reporting Maintenance


Tenants are expected to report all maintenance issues to our agency as soon as possible


General Maintenance (non-urgent) issues must be reported to our agency in one of the following ways:


                        • - Reported Maintenance Request Form
                        • - Phone our office during business hours
                        • - Lodge a request via tenant portal   


Please be aware that once maintenance has been reported and allocated a time slot, our team will issue an entry notice.  In order to process maintenance efficiently, from time to time we may enter the property without your attendance. We will always issue an entry notice within the required timeframe to notify you of the scheduled maintenance and may legally enter your property after notice has been given. 





Emergency Repairs


Emergency Repairs can be reported directly by calling our Maintenance Manager Hamish on 0476 072 590 within reasonable hours of the day.


If it is a dangerous situation and you cannot get a hold of our agency, please use your best judgement to resolve the issue with a contractor. If the issue is life threatening, call 000. 


Some examples of an emergency situation:

                      • Burst water service,Blocked or broken toilet
                      • Serious roof leak or flooding internally
                      • Gas leak from hot water system or stove
                      • Dangerous electrical fault
                      • Failure or breakdown of electrical, gas or water supply
                      • Fault or damage likely to injure a person or damage the property


If your electrical supply is not operating, please check outages with Energex.


If the issue is found to be caused by the tenant, they may be liable for the cost of repair. 

Repairs and Maintenance - Troubleshooting Guide


This troubleshooting guide has been provided to help you:


              1. Know the difference between what is classified as general maintenance or an emergency repair.

              2. Know how to identify & rectify minor issues yourself


any fees incurred by repairers or tradesmen called to properties by tenants after hours will be the responsibility of the tenant if the issue is found to be non-serious or the fault of the tenant.



Do not attempt to fix it yourself. Do not use switches. This is classified as an emergency repair under the Legislation and the Agency must be notified as soon as possible.



Check if power is connected or check power box for tripped switch or blown fuse. Contact us to arrange a service; this is classified as general maintenance.



If your supply of hot water is not hot or does not seem to last as long as it should, your hot water system may need topping up.  Locate the filler valve on the side of the hot water system and lift the floppy lever until water flows from the overflow.  Repeat this process every few months.  Otherwise, check:


                • Is the power switched on?

                • Has the power box tripped the switch or blown a fuse? 

                • Has your shower routine changed or increased? (tank capacity and/or tariff rates will affect)


Remember in winter, efficiency of the tank is less than in summer and the water will cool quicker. If you have a Gas Instantaneous Hot Water System and you have no hot water please ensure the pilot light is lit. If not, follow the instructions on the appliance.  If this does not rectify the problem please complete a repair advice form. This is classified as general maintenance. Remember a leaking hot water tap will cause poor supply of hot water and high electricity accounts.


If your neighbours have also lost power contact your Electricity Supplier. Otherwise check if you have a Safety Switch, which may have tripped. If so, reset the switch. If it trips again unplug all appliances from power points. Reset Safety Switch and plug in appliances one at a time until the faulty appliance/s are located.  If you have a fuse box check this for a blown fuse. Note:  If this does not rectify the problem please notify our agency. Tenants will be required to pay for callouts where a faulty appliance belonging to them has caused the problem.



Check power or fuse box. Ensure the power is on and the switch has not tripped. If the problem is  not remedied this is classified as general maintenance, contact our agency.


This is a useful graphic which may help you become more aware of the potential risks,

off-set measures and other helpful hints in dealing with electrical issues in your home.


Image taken from the Office of Industrial Relations - Electrical Safety Office



Check power and fuse box. Clean filter. If problem not remedied this is classified as general maintenance, contact our agency.



This is classified as an emergency repair.


If you smell gas at the premises:


                    • Always treat any gas leak as a potential lethal risk. 

                    • Exit the building immediately, call 000 and ask for the Fire Service.

                    • If safe to do so, turn off the gas at the gas meter or cylinder,

                    • Turn off all appliances (including electrical) and pilot lights,

                    • Open all doors and windows for ventilation and extinguish all naked flames.

                    • Ensure cigarettes are not lit.

                    • Contact a licensed gasfitter.

                    • Contact your gas supplier – their number can be found on your gas bill.

                    • Report the situation to the Managing Agent.



The most common problem in properties is water leaking from wet areas eg bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, into adjoining rooms. A regular check for water leaks is advisable. If the carpet/floor is wet, sponge and dry the area thoroughly and check again after use. Advise our agency if there is a problem. If the problem is a ‘serious’ water leak, this is classified as an emergency repair under the legislation and our agency must be notified immediately.


Water bubbling out of the ground could be a serious problem and could lead to further complications. This is classified as an emergency repair and our agency must be notified immediately.

Personal Contents Insurance


Tenants are responsible for their own contents insurance at the property. The owner’s insurance does not cover tenants’ belongings in the event of incidents at the property, including hot water system leaks, burst pipes, storm damage and fire.

Water Usage


Tenant to pay excess usage:


1. Where Item 12.2 and Clause 17(3) of the Standard Terms apply and the Tenant's water usage is more than a reasonable quantity of water determined in accordance with Section 169 (4)(a-e), the Tenant will be liable to pay for such excess. 


2. The parties agree in terms of Section 169(4)(a-e) a reasonable quantity of water usage shall be 35kL per quarter and all water used in excess of that amount will be paid for by the Tenant at the applicable rate charged by the relevant local authority from time to time. 


Tenant to pay full water consumption:


 1. The premises being water efficient and Item 12.2 and Clause 17(1) of the Standard Terms applying, the Tenant is required to pay the water consumption charges for the premises. 


2. Water meter readings as at the date of commencement of the tenancy will be recorded on the Entry Condition Report and subsequently in the Routine Condition Reports (quarterly during the term of the tenancy) and finally on the Exit Condition Report. 


3. The readings having been made by the Agent the invoice amount will be calculated at the applicable rate charged by the relevant local authority from time to time. 


4. The Agent will forward to the Tenant every quarter an invoice for payment of the water consumption charges. 


5. The Tenant must make payment of the invoiced amount in accordance with Clause 17(5) of the Standard Terms.


Change of Shared Tenancy


If the tenant requires the lease to be changed, the tenant pays $110 including GST for the processing and preparation of a new document.


In the event that you are wishing to add tenants:


  • Existing tenants inform the agency.


  • Prospective tenant/s complete/s a Tenancy Application Form, submitting to the agency along with a full set of identification and reference documentation.


  • Agency contacts owner to seek approval for change to tenancy agreement.


  • Should the change be approved, all tenants will be required to sign a new agreement at the agency office.


  • Should the new tenant wish to be added to the Bond held with the RTA, a Form 6 Change of Bond Contributors will be completed.


In the event that you are wishing to remove tenants:


  • Tenant wishing to exit the agreement informs the agency in writing.


  • Should the outgoing tenant wish to be removed from the Bond held with the RTA, a Form 6 Change of Bond Contributors will be completed.


*Please note that in the case of a change in a shared tenancy where a new tenant is removed from the agreement or a new tenant is added, the RTA will not refund any funds, and any negotiation or exchange of money will occur between individual tenants.


It is also important to note that simply vacating a property does not constitute the termination of a general tenancy agreement. This agreement is a binding contract obliging all those who appear on the document to adhere to the terms of rental payment and maintenance until such time as an agreement to change any terms with the landlord has been reached. 





Breaking the Lease

Whatever your situation, if you must end your tenancy early, clear and transparent communication with your agency is critical.


We understand that occasionally circumstances change and you may be required to end your tenancy prior to the end of your lease.

This is called breaking the lease. In this circumstance we require you to be aware of, and follow these steps below. 


  1. Tenant informs the agency with as much notice as possible with their intended vacate date by submitting a Form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave.
  2. The agency advertises the property as available from the provided vacancy date. Break lease fees include; a letting fee (1 week rent + GST) in addition to $180 + GST advertising costs.

  3. The tenant continues to pay rent and all property maintenance costs until a new tenant is found. Property is to be kept clean and tidy during this period to facilitate the re-letting process.

  4. The bond will be refunded only once the Vacate Procedure has been completed (see Vacating the Property)


Lease Renewal Procedure


If you wish to renew your lease, prior to the end of your lease, Arcadia Estate Agency will contact the property owner to seek approval to offer you a lease renewal.

Should the owner be happy to offer a lease renewal, our agency will follow these steps prior to the expiry of your current tenancy agreement.


Time Frame


3 Months

Arcadia Estate Agency issue tenant with:

a)      A lease renewal – a letter and updated Lease Agreement will outline any updated tenancy terms, rent increases etc.

b)      A Form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave – to be completed should the tenant not wish to renew their lease.

2 Months

Due date for return of either the signed Lease Agreement or Form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave.


Should the owner of the property not approve the offer of a lease renewal, the following vacate procedure will apply.

Vacating the Property


When the time has come to vacate the property at the end of the lease period the steps below outline the actions that are to be taken by both parties.


1. Notice of Intention to Leave Received/Notice to Leave Issued


Notices of intention to leave or Notice to Leave is to be issued and communicated to all parties within a reasonable time frame.


2. Pre-Vacate Inspection and/or Appointment Scheduled


At this meeting (either at your property or the agency office) we will meet to give you your Vacate Envelope. This will include:


                • Original Entry Condition Report (including receipts of professional cleaning where applicable),

                • Exit Condition Report,

                • Most recent Routine Inspection Report, 

                • Tenant Ledger, and;

                • Any outstanding invoices. 


The purpose of this meeting is primarily to establish what work is required at the property. As required by law, the property must be returned in the same condition as it was received at the commencement of the tenancy, with fair wear and tear considered. This meeting is important to guarantee the best outcome of your Exit Inspection and an agreement on the bond refund.


3. Letting Inspections


Our agency will work with you to determine the most convenient times to arrange inspections to show prospective tenants through the property. Inspections can be arranged at any time mutually agreed by the tenant and the agency.  We aim to minimise any inconvenience during this time and will happily work around your availability. 


Please note however, that if you are breaking your lease, it is in your best interests to maximise the opportunities for our agency to show the property to prospective tenants. In addition to this, while we understand it may be a chaotic time of packing and moving for you, the presentation of the property will influence the speed at which we are able to find new tenants. If you have any concerns about this process please do not hesitate to discuss them with our agency.


4. Vacating the Property


As stated above, we require that the property be vacated no later than midnight on {Tenant Move Out}. Prior to this date:


                • The property must be cleaned and the condition returned to the state at entry (as established at the Pre-Vacate Inspection),

                • The Exit Condition Report completed and signed by all tenants,

                • All outstanding rent and property invoices settled; and,

                • Vacate Envelope completed.


5. Returning Vacate Envelope


Our agency requires that the Vacate Envelope be returned prior to 10am the first business day following your vacate from the property at the absolute latest. This envelope must include:


                • Completed Exit Condition Report,

                • All receipts of professional cleaning (bond, carpet) provided,

                • All receipts of pest control provided (if applicable),

                • All keys and entry access items returned (including additional copies made during tenancy); and,

                • Outgoing tenant details completed.